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Efforts to Curb the Spread of COVID-19

As a destination management organization of Omachi City, Hakuba Village, and Otari Village in Nagano Prefecture, HAKUBAVALLEY TOURISM is committed to the safety of all visitors, employees, and members of our community. With the COVID-19 pandemic upon us, we have called for the creation of area-wide rules for infection prevention across all 10 Hakuba Valley snow resorts. In our latest press release (links below) we outline these rules, established after consultation with the Nagano Prefectural Government.


In addition, accommodations and food and drink establishments in Omachi City, Hakuba Village, and Otari Village registered with the Hakuba Valley Cleanliness Certification have been reminded to thoroughly practice the Certification standards.


For more information, please see our press release.

English: https://www.hakubavalley.com/files/9416/1232/0013/210129_vf_v1.pdf

简体中文: https://www.hakubavalley.com/files/6216/1231/9923/210129__vf.pdf

繁體中文: https://www.hakubavalley.com/files/9316/1231/9985/210129__vf.pdf